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Majiklmoon's Realm
Full Moon Ritual - Calling the God and Goddess 
20th-Sep-2009 10:55 am
Calling the God and Goddess

Meriwen, a Green witch of the Celtic Tradition, steps to the Altar.  I am
dressed in a black flowing garment and wearing a witch’s hat tied with
blue-green ribbons.  Around my neck is a silver chain with a pentacle, and a
quartz crystal point given to me by my beloved sister Moreganna.  Perched on
my shoulder is my guide, a barn owl, whose name is Ghost wing.  Meriwen and
Ghostwing approach the Altar.  As I raise my arms, Ghostwing takes flight and
circles the gathering.

"I call upon the wise ones to be present and bless this gathering.  Although
this is the Harvest moon, it is also a time for planting and nurturing the
seeds of knowledge."

Lowering my arms I take the lit taper and light the silver Goddess candle.

"Your daughter, Meriwen, stands for you Lady Nimue, keeper of the knowledge
and wisdom of Avalon.  By many names are you known, bless this gathering that
we may never loose the love of learning and teaching.  Help us in our
lifelong search for wisdom and knowledge as we journey along our path. May we
never forget to pass along that knowledge, so the past and the lessons
learned are not forgotten.  Open our minds and the minds of those we teach to
receive your gifts."

Bowing to the Lady, I light the gold candle of the God.

"Lord Merlin, greatest teacher of all, your daughter Meriwen stands before
you, asking your blessing on this gathering, in this place of learning.  Give
us patience to learn the ways of the old ones, so we may better understand
the universe around us.  May we always believe in magic and remember
knowledge includes the smallest lessons of nature and that opens the way to
the greatest of mysteries.  Teach us, as you did Arthur, the ways of nature,
the spirit world and humankind. Help us open the minds of others and teach in
joy and understanding."

Bowing to the Lord Merlin, I return to my place in the circle, and Ghostwing
returns to her place on my shoulder.
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